Spreadsheets & Programs

GrainsCAD (Windows Based)

Powerful educational and 1st order analysis tool enabling the simulation of an array of complex grain geometries including the option for Freehand grain design utilizing a very user-friendly & powerful CAD interface. Outputs include a plot/curve of the exposed propellant area profile & Kn Ratio profile that also allows a fully interactive graphical illustration of burn regression for the chosen geometry.  Lots more features and options within (beta rev) Approx 4.5MB:

http://www.propulsionlabs.com.au/Software/GrainsCAD4i.zip (updated 23/12/09 - Added Sliver Fraction to Reporting)



Powerful Excel Spreadsheet utilising modified PEP code that enables basic simulation of common rocket propellant ingredients to gather general performance outcomes and to report the energy that is liberated and with what efficiency that energy is being transferred into kinetic jet exhaust. Approx 1.5MB:

www.propulsionlabs.com.au/Software/Jeff_PEP_B3ff.xls (updated 30/8/18 - Improved nominated Expansion Ratio output & added variable frozen-shifting adjustment)

May not run directly from a browser (upon download) so it's suggested to save to somewhere before opening to avoid errors



General Purpose Solid Motor Simulator: Next revision of the popular series of Grains Spread Sheets. Grains 4 provides all the functionality of Grains2000 with a few additional features. The Propellant Evaluation Prediction equations are now embedded into the spreadsheet allowing a more seamless and bug free path to a very user-friendly propellant simulation.

Key Features Include:

Very special thanks to David Sndyer who's kindly assisted with loads of awesome debugging assistance!!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Metric burn rate coefficient "a" units were incorrect in previous versions. Version 4L has addressed this issue and will still load motor files of previous revisions and convert the coefficient on load-up if it's in metric units. 

www.propulsionlabs.com.au/Software/Grains4M.zip (updated 26/8/13 - Included example mass flow tabling)

Being currently repaired












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